Lifestyle of Faith

As we know bad times are inevitable. Challenges will always come and the best you can do is learn how to stand strictly by faith in God and act what you want. Living by faith is something you should do always and then be rest assured you’ll always come out on top.
Without faith it is impossible to please God. Stop demanding and just let God have his way because he knows what’s best for you even when the promised future seems so slow. Dear one do not take the faster route or try to see the end from where you are.



Pressure can be in front of you, behind you, financial, relational, health wise, spiritual, work or just stuff going around you in every direction and if it keeps on, it is going to crush you except there is something inside of you pushing back. The good thing is the higher you get the less pressure.
What you have to do is put the word of God in you,that way what is inside you will be greater than what is against you.
Be patient and you’ll get through because patience is the act of living unresponsive to pressure. When you are patient, you wait and don’t give in and not be moved…you don’t even have to answer.
When you are in pressure you get quiet, shut out the noise, listen to your inner heart and hear what God has to say to that situation. Just get inside of you,whether it be a temporary pressure or an ongoing one.
The powerful forces of faith and patience will see you through as they work together to release God’s wisdom in every direction of your life.
***Have a blessed week ahead***


You are where you are today because of the choices you made yesterday.
Choice making should be strategic so never be in haste to make your choices so it does not lack quality. When in haste, you are not careful neither do you take precautions hence you make mistakes and miss some steps.
It is good to wait quietly before God, to depend on him. It is also important that you never make choices without adequate access to the facts available if not such a choice will lack in many ways. Ask for and seek God’s guidance so your choices are rightly made. Once you remain humble and seek him,he will guide you and teach you the best way.
There is a difference between a wise choice and one that seems to be wise, also there is a difference between a right choice and an easy choice. Therefore,your heart desire should be to make the right choice rather than the easy one or what seems to be the right one.
If you want to make a strategic choice, do not consider the short term gratification or pleasure or immediate consequence but the long term effect. Consider the end.
Your choices will affect your future so do not be in a hurry and thereby destroy your future with reckless choices made today.
You will be accountable for the life you live,whether good or worthless as no excuse can be made. So let God be the determining factor in the choices you make. Make the best use of the opportunities you have.
Have a blessed weekend.


The world is many things——a happy place, sad place, easy place, tough place and most of all, it is what you make of it. Happiness is the overall experience of pleasure that comes with a caveat ‘do not expect to be happy always’.
All the happiness you’ll ever find in life lies within you. It is a choice, so you can choose to be the best you can be. Give it your all, be positive and don’t downplay your intelligence so people can like you. Push boundaries because you have the power to, use them accordingly. As you go forward in life, you will not always recognize people because some are loyal, liars, good, bad and so on but make sure you do your part to make the world a happy place.
Happiness is never guaranteed to anyone. You cannot control most situations but you an control your reactions to them. In your pursuit for happiness you will come across many things in life that you will want but do not be desperate, just try your best to be consistent and don’t let praise or critics get to you. Appreciate what you have and derive happiness from it because being contended is a less complicated way to live. The year is ending,take a little time to reflect on how things have been and then give up on some things.
Give up your need to always be right
Give up your need for control
Give up on blame
Give up your self deflating talk
Give up your limiting beliefs
Give up complaining
Give up the luxury of criticisms
Give up your need to impress others
Give your resistance to change
Give up on labels
Give up on your fears and excuses
Give up the past.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
My wish for you this holiday is that you get more love,peace,joy,hope,faith and forgiveness….stay blessed


Hello you reading this, I trust you are doing well. I write this today in hope that it serves as a source of strength to someone.
Hope as I know it is an expectation that something will happen (not might, will). Whoever is reading this now, I don’t know what is bothering you, the challenges you might be facing, your goals, dreams, situation, struggle, in your work place, school, home, health, finances, and relationship—-whatever it is. I want to encourage you to have hope and believe in your heart that God will turn it around.
Do not give up, God would want you to hold on and wait for him to start his amazing work. It is very easy to get discouraged or give up but when you have an attitude of hope and faith, I promise you that even after you’ve hit rock bottom, God will turn things in your favour—you will sing a new song.
Don’t let doubt ruin your spirit or weigh you down, walk in hope and believe God and his promises and then watch things come to pass. It may not happen when you want it to, but you should keep hope alive and know that God is making divine connections concerning you.
So today I tell you, free yourself from doubt, fear and worry and start thanking God in advance for what he is about to do for you. You should be optimistic, close the door to negativity. Many times we miss God’s plan for us because we get discouraged just when the change is about to happen so my honest advice is no matter how hard it gets (you might think I have no idea how hard your situation is but I tell you that NOTHING is too big for God) just have hope backed with faith.
You will or might have already had bad breaks, injustices, looses but don’t let it put you down, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. God has a great plan for you and his timing is always perfect because he alone has the final say in any situation, if you keep your hopes up and believe in your heart that he will do it, then it is settled.
Speak life and positive words into every situation in your life that you what God to work on. He is the only one that can make impossibilities possible so have hope that in due time everything will fall into place.
*oceans(where feet may fail) by hillsong united*


Kindness is the language which the deaf hears and the blind can see———-mark twain.
Kindness is universal, it cuts across tribes, religion, continents and everything in between. Kindness is love, sharing, concern, sympathy, caring, good deed, generosity, support, charity, humanity, warmth——the list goes on.
Kindness cannot be overemphasized as its value is recognized in every culture and religion. Kindness in my opinion is the act of doing something for a person without expecting anything in return and in most cases without any advantage for the helper.
Kindness is an action that carries joy with it wherever it goes because small acts of kindness can cause a chain reaction of unforeseen benefits to a person and you might not see the result, but it is happening.
God is kind and he expects us to follow in his path and so whatever a person does to make another person feel good it translates into kindness and that’s what God would want us to do. For most people kindness is a conscious effort they try to live up to everyday, while for some other it is done without too much effort. Being kind means you do not have to consider if the person you are being kind to deserves it on not, you just do it.
I believe kindness is one of the easiest thing to realise and in most cases when an act of kindness is performed, both parties are satisfied. As you read this today, i empower you to try making kindness a part of your daily life—a smile, a compliment, holding a door, thanking a person, saying please, giving a word of encouragement, an advice, compassion, comfort, a shoulder to lean on, financial aid, material gift——whatever it is, it translates into kindness so long as it has a positive effect on someone.
Good deeds change the world and make it a better place to live in. Always remember what ever goes around comes around.
Thank you duru of the young and confused blog for the mention, am humbled + it gives me joy knowing that you find this blog helpful.


The fathers love is kind and patient, rich and pure, divine and wonderful it defies definition. I have come to understand that God does not just love us, but he is love itself.
He blesses us tirelessly and above all that we ask,desire,hope,dream or think. He gives direction to our path and lifts us up even when we are too narrow minded to ask or think notwithstanding the circumstance.
His ability is beyond our comprehension. His blessings are richly supplied above everything we request or imagine because he has the ability and authority to do it and most importantly because he loves us.
I cannot even begin to imagine the things our heavenly father can do, but I know that most times it takes a level of faith for some things to be accomplished and other times it is ‘just because’ of his love for us.
In life I try and I hope people (you) try too not to abuse this love with the ideology that if God really loves me, he should accept me just the way I am notwithstanding how I live my life———it is important to know that God grants mercy, grace, and forgiveness to us but at the same time, we must live up to it through obedience and our relationship with God, which is the way to having a great life because obeying no matter how we put it, is for our own good.
Total obedience might not be easy but when you ask for his help, he WILL help you because he is ABLE and after which you will begin to experience more peace.————I thank you dear God for your love because even though our minds are limited some times to think or even ask for help, you still do everything for us simply because you LOVE us and you are ABLE.
NB…love God,love yourself,love your neighbors close and from afar…true love will never return to you void.