See The Good-Be Thankful.

Its not always easy for anyone. You lose,you gain,you have bad and good experiences. if you entrust everything to God, be rest assured that he’ll work things out for your good much more than what you’ve lost.
The main thing is to be willing to move forward and leaving the past behind,reach out to God and just allow him take it up from there regardless of what the situation might be.
Your perception and reaction to events and things goes a long way to determine how things unfold for you. In as much as you live in line with the way God wants you to,the more you’ll experience things falling into place. Stop living in a dilemma as to how life is supposed to be or not and just live according to God’s plan.
The is the last month of the year,a lot has happened this year am sure to everyone. The good,the bad,the ugly. Many are hopeless,desperate,happy,sad all kinds of emotions but if we take time to relax,breathe and look around us there would definitely be reasons to be thankful no matter how small.If you are reading this,well I guess that’s one more reason to be thankful.

May this month give us reasons to laugh.


What Does Prayer Mean To You?

People all over the world have different reasons why they pray. For some its a habit, some pray only when they seek something, for others its because they are experiencing one trial or another, some pray to keep in touch with their creator, for some its a therapeutic…a million reasons.
I pray for so many reasons I can’t start to list. Some are heartfelt,some out of routine,some because I have a need,sometimes because I have nothing else to do,sometimes because I’ve reached a breaking point, for exams,because someone asked me too,when someone is ill,when I believe I have an obligation to…on and on.
When I pray one thing is constant, I believe there is a God and he listens. God as I know. Is a helper,listener,giver and so I have all these in mind when I pray strongly believing he hears me. My prayers usually include but not limited to me thanking God for so so many things, asking for help,guidance,strength, forgiveness for my many sins both known and unknown. I lay my requests for family,friends,neighbors,travelers,pregnant women,leaders,my workplace…whatever I can remember.
Prayer creates peace of mind. *who has experienced this?* The anxiety might not stop immediately,but when you pray with faith and believe in your heart that God will come through for you the burden starts to wear off and you start to receive comfort and strength.
Prayer also increases wisdom. I strongly believe that when you ask God for guidance he hears you and will give you guidance.
Bottom line: I can not tell you that all you pray for will be given to you but I can tell you that God listens to you when you pray and will do what is best for you. God is incomprehensible and how he works will always be beyond human understanding but his timing is always perfect.

Song of the moment*: Ordinary People by Cobhams Asuquo.

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In my life I have wished a million things, I have a thousand dream, I like to see all that’s beautiful and I have a bucket list that’s never ending. I listen to some particular songs everyday and never get tired. I cry when watching movies.
I have asked different people who they think I am and I got different answers from them all, nevertheless I am just someone with a purpose deeply flawed as a human. My name is A.
I grew up with my uncle and auntie and always felt my house was the happiest, i played all day running around the courtyard chasing chickens,jumping on the sofa and tearing the seats whenever no one was home.
Auntie always told me stories and all started with *listen carefully*. One was about a greedy girl whose belly grew bigger and bigger and according to auntie *if you are greedy,what is inside of you is what makes you always hungry*
Another time told me about a girl who refused to listen to her elders. One day she shook her head so hard to refuse a simple request that a little white ball fell from her ear and out poured all her brain and auntie said *your own thoughts are swimming inside that everything else gets pushed out. Leave room to think of others*….to be cont


Your life is determined by what people say or think about you. It might affect you, but it should never determine how you live your life. No one knows God’s plan for your life.
Your life is not determined by the way you look, but also remember that the way you look may be to your advantage or disadvantage.
God’s plan are not the same as a man’s plan. God looks at your heart while people look your physical abilities.
You should have faith that God’s plan is always the best and always on time. You might be in a bad place now but if you live in faith you’ll end well. It starts with you.


Fear is not just an external reaction, it begins inside you.
Fear goes hand in hand with worry and this is a conscious act of choosing an ineffective method of coping with life.
One way to deal with fear is by replacing negative thoughts which arises from worry with positive thoughts which gives hope.
To get over fear is not a day’s job, but when you learn to accept situations that cannot be altered then you are one step from overcoming fear. This might take a lot of effort but it pays in the long run.
Accepting a situation doesn’t mean that you do nothing to improve it, it just means you stop fearing and take appropriate actions that leads to its improvement.
The physical effects of worry affects not just you but people around you. Focus on how to arrive at a solution and stop worrying about the problem.
Choosing not to fear will definitely take a lot but change is possible, just trust God to provide the solutions and don’t allow fear take over your life.
Do it for you–Do it for people–Do it for God.

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Lifestyle of Faith

As we know bad times are inevitable. Challenges will always come and the best you can do is learn how to stand strictly by faith in God and act what you want. Living by faith is something you should do always and then be rest assured you’ll always come out on top.
Without faith it is impossible to please God. Stop demanding and just let God have his way because he knows what’s best for you even when the promised future seems so slow. Dear one do not take the faster route or try to see the end from where you are.


Pressure can be in front of you, behind you, financial, relational, health wise, spiritual, work or just stuff going around you in every direction and if it keeps on, it is going to crush you except there is something inside of you pushing back. The good thing is the higher you get the less pressure.
What you have to do is put the word of God in you,that way what is inside you will be greater than what is against you.
Be patient and you’ll get through because patience is the act of living unresponsive to pressure. When you are patient, you wait and don’t give in and not be moved…you don’t even have to answer.
When you are in pressure you get quiet, shut out the noise, listen to your inner heart and hear what God has to say to that situation. Just get inside of you,whether it be a temporary pressure or an ongoing one.
The powerful forces of faith and patience will see you through as they work together to release God’s wisdom in every direction of your life.
***Have a blessed week ahead***