Small Steps-Great Leaps 2

I never truly understood auntie’s stories,but one stuck to me,as she said it often. *when you lose your face, its like dropping your necklace down a well. The only way you can get it back is to fall in after it*.
I heard too many stories to a fault of believing all and at the same time disbelieving. I thought bad things happened to good people and that every one must have a taste of suffering. I also thought one can’t ever escape betrayal from loved ones. I believed marriage was all rosy and the only pain in it was child bearing.
I started to believe in ghosts and according to auntie ghosts were not just dead people but anything that was forbidden to talk about or anything that brought ill luck.
I always thought happiness was just for some people,anutie said we all create our happiness and we are defined by what we do and not what people do to us.
I asked auntie one day what was the best thing one could do the have a good life and she said worship and belief in God was the path anyone could take. I believe her and would be taking that path.