See The Good-Be Thankful.

Its not always easy for anyone. You lose,you gain,you have bad and good experiences. if you entrust everything to God, be rest assured that he’ll work things out for your good much more than what you’ve lost.
The main thing is to be willing to move forward and leaving the past behind,reach out to God and just allow him take it up from there regardless of what the situation might be.
Your perception and reaction to events and things goes a long way to determine how things unfold for you. In as much as you live in line with the way God wants you to,the more you’ll experience things falling into place. Stop living in a dilemma as to how life is supposed to be or not and just live according to God’s plan.
The is the last month of the year,a lot has happened this year am sure to everyone. The good,the bad,the ugly. Many are hopeless,desperate,happy,sad all kinds of emotions but if we take time to relax,breathe and look around us there would definitely be reasons to be thankful no matter how small.If you are reading this,well I guess that’s one more reason to be thankful.

May this month give us reasons to laugh.