This is long over due. Thank you for nominating me

1) I love God,I love people,I love reading, I love simple living.

2) I aspire to touch lives and be an inspiration to people and I practice it daily by watching what I say or do.

3) I am an early riser. I rise before the sun.

4) Why I don’t use my real name or have a photo up is because I really don’t like to talk,I only talk when necessary so this way I talk less…most bloggers talk personally to their subscribers/readers.

5) My signature style is laid back,I always cover up and I always have black somewhere when I am dressing up.

6) I often don’t remember names or faces.

7) My head is like a market place,I have a million thoughts and ideas. I write most of them down but I am always lazy to put them up.

I really don’t know who to nominate so I’ll just put up random blogs I read. Please say 7 Things about you and put up on your blog.

1) Cassie of I like her fashion sense.

2) Eloho of her posts are motivating

3) Salt of I love her faith.

4) Nelly of I like her determination.

5)Vivian of because I love food.

6) Yvonne of good relationship coach.



  1. and the crowd goes.. Finaaallllyyyy… heheh I have been waiting for months just to get a peek into your head abi na mind :).. More like Hoping that someday we would get to know who Atiya is.. Weldone Bubba.. Weldone.. Thank you for doing this..

    So 7a huh?! Tell me about it.. heheheh The story of my life.. Thanks for doing this Bubba.. and for honoring the invite.. and the crowd goes.. Oooosshheeey!


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