This is long over due. Thank you for nominating me

1) I love God,I love people,I love reading, I love simple living.

2) I aspire to touch lives and be an inspiration to people and I practice it daily by watching what I say or do.

3) I am an early riser. I rise before the sun.

4) Why I don’t use my real name or have a photo up is because I really don’t like to talk,I only talk when necessary so this way I talk less…most bloggers talk personally to their subscribers/readers.

5) My signature style is laid back,I always cover up and I always have black somewhere when I am dressing up.

6) I often don’t remember names or faces.

7) My head is like a market place,I have a million thoughts and ideas. I write most of them down but I am always lazy to put them up.

I really don’t know who to nominate so I’ll just put up random blogs I read. Please say 7 Things about you and put up on your blog.

1) Cassie of I like her fashion sense.

2) Eloho of her posts are motivating

3) Salt of I love her faith.

4) Nelly of I like her determination.

5)Vivian of because I love food.

6) Yvonne of good relationship coach.