What Does Prayer Mean To You?

People all over the world have different reasons why they pray. For some its a habit, some pray only when they seek something, for others its because they are experiencing one trial or another, some pray to keep in touch with their creator, for some its a therapeutic…a million reasons.
I pray for so many reasons I can’t start to list. Some are heartfelt,some out of routine,some because I have a need,sometimes because I have nothing else to do,sometimes because I’ve reached a breaking point, for exams,because someone asked me too,when someone is ill,when I believe I have an obligation to…on and on.
When I pray one thing is constant, I believe there is a God and he listens. God as I know. Is a helper,listener,giver and so I have all these in mind when I pray strongly believing he hears me. My prayers usually include but not limited to me thanking God for so so many things, asking for help,guidance,strength, forgiveness for my many sins both known and unknown. I lay my requests for family,friends,neighbors,travelers,pregnant women,leaders,my workplace…whatever I can remember.
Prayer creates peace of mind. *who has experienced this?* The anxiety might not stop immediately,but when you pray with faith and believe in your heart that God will come through for you the burden starts to wear off and you start to receive comfort and strength.
Prayer also increases wisdom. I strongly believe that when you ask God for guidance he hears you and will give you guidance.
Bottom line: I can not tell you that all you pray for will be given to you but I can tell you that God listens to you when you pray and will do what is best for you. God is incomprehensible and how he works will always be beyond human understanding but his timing is always perfect.

Song of the moment*: Ordinary People by Cobhams Asuquo.

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