In my life I have wished a million things, I have a thousand dream, I like to see all that’s beautiful and I have a bucket list that’s never ending. I listen to some particular songs everyday and never get tired. I cry when watching movies.
I have asked different people who they think I am and I got different answers from them all, nevertheless I am just someone with a purpose deeply flawed as a human. My name is A.
I grew up with my uncle and auntie and always felt my house was the happiest, i played all day running around the courtyard chasing chickens,jumping on the sofa and tearing the seats whenever no one was home.
Auntie always told me stories and all started with *listen carefully*. One was about a greedy girl whose belly grew bigger and bigger and according to auntie *if you are greedy,what is inside of you is what makes you always hungry*
Another time told me about a girl who refused to listen to her elders. One day she shook her head so hard to refuse a simple request that a little white ball fell from her ear and out poured all her brain and auntie said *your own thoughts are swimming inside that everything else gets pushed out. Leave room to think of others*….to be cont