Fear is not just an external reaction, it begins inside you.
Fear goes hand in hand with worry and this is a conscious act of choosing an ineffective method of coping with life.
One way to deal with fear is by replacing negative thoughts which arises from worry with positive thoughts which gives hope.
To get over fear is not a day’s job, but when you learn to accept situations that cannot be altered then you are one step from overcoming fear. This might take a lot of effort but it pays in the long run.
Accepting a situation doesn’t mean that you do nothing to improve it, it just means you stop fearing and take appropriate actions that leads to its improvement.
The physical effects of worry affects not just you but people around you. Focus on how to arrive at a solution and stop worrying about the problem.
Choosing not to fear will definitely take a lot but change is possible, just trust God to provide the solutions and don’t allow fear take over your life.
Do it for you–Do it for people–Do it for God.

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