Pressure can be in front of you, behind you, financial, relational, health wise, spiritual, work or just stuff going around you in every direction and if it keeps on, it is going to crush you except there is something inside of you pushing back. The good thing is the higher you get the less pressure.
What you have to do is put the word of God in you,that way what is inside you will be greater than what is against you.
Be patient and you’ll get through because patience is the act of living unresponsive to pressure. When you are patient, you wait and don’t give in and not be moved…you don’t even have to answer.
When you are in pressure you get quiet, shut out the noise, listen to your inner heart and hear what God has to say to that situation. Just get inside of you,whether it be a temporary pressure or an ongoing one.
The powerful forces of faith and patience will see you through as they work together to release God’s wisdom in every direction of your life.
***Have a blessed week ahead***