You are where you are today because of the choices you made yesterday.
Choice making should be strategic so never be in haste to make your choices so it does not lack quality. When in haste, you are not careful neither do you take precautions hence you make mistakes and miss some steps.
It is good to wait quietly before God, to depend on him. It is also important that you never make choices without adequate access to the facts available if not such a choice will lack in many ways. Ask for and seek God’s guidance so your choices are rightly made. Once you remain humble and seek him,he will guide you and teach you the best way.
There is a difference between a wise choice and one that seems to be wise, also there is a difference between a right choice and an easy choice. Therefore,your heart desire should be to make the right choice rather than the easy one or what seems to be the right one.
If you want to make a strategic choice, do not consider the short term gratification or pleasure or immediate consequence but the long term effect. Consider the end.
Your choices will affect your future so do not be in a hurry and thereby destroy your future with reckless choices made today.
You will be accountable for the life you live,whether good or worthless as no excuse can be made. So let God be the determining factor in the choices you make. Make the best use of the opportunities you have.
Have a blessed weekend.