The world is many things——a happy place, sad place, easy place, tough place and most of all, it is what you make of it. Happiness is the overall experience of pleasure that comes with a caveat ‘do not expect to be happy always’.
All the happiness you’ll ever find in life lies within you. It is a choice, so you can choose to be the best you can be. Give it your all, be positive and don’t downplay your intelligence so people can like you. Push boundaries because you have the power to, use them accordingly. As you go forward in life, you will not always recognize people because some are loyal, liars, good, bad and so on but make sure you do your part to make the world a happy place.
Happiness is never guaranteed to anyone. You cannot control most situations but you an control your reactions to them. In your pursuit for happiness you will come across many things in life that you will want but do not be desperate, just try your best to be consistent and don’t let praise or critics get to you. Appreciate what you have and derive happiness from it because being contended is a less complicated way to live. The year is ending,take a little time to reflect on how things have been and then give up on some things.
Give up your need to always be right
Give up your need for control
Give up on blame
Give up your self deflating talk
Give up your limiting beliefs
Give up complaining
Give up the luxury of criticisms
Give up your need to impress others
Give your resistance to change
Give up on labels
Give up on your fears and excuses
Give up the past.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
My wish for you this holiday is that you get more love,peace,joy,hope,faith and forgiveness….stay blessed