The fathers love is kind and patient, rich and pure, divine and wonderful it defies definition. I have come to understand that God does not just love us, but he is love itself.
He blesses us tirelessly and above all that we ask,desire,hope,dream or think. He gives direction to our path and lifts us up even when we are too narrow minded to ask or think notwithstanding the circumstance.
His ability is beyond our comprehension. His blessings are richly supplied above everything we request or imagine because he has the ability and authority to do it and most importantly because he loves us.
I cannot even begin to imagine the things our heavenly father can do, but I know that most times it takes a level of faith for some things to be accomplished and other times it is ‘just because’ of his love for us.
In life I try and I hope people (you) try too not to abuse this love with the ideology that if God really loves me, he should accept me just the way I am notwithstanding how I live my life———it is important to know that God grants mercy, grace, and forgiveness to us but at the same time, we must live up to it through obedience and our relationship with God, which is the way to having a great life because obeying no matter how we put it, is for our own good.
Total obedience might not be easy but when you ask for his help, he WILL help you because he is ABLE and after which you will begin to experience more peace.————I thank you dear God for your love because even though our minds are limited some times to think or even ask for help, you still do everything for us simply because you LOVE us and you are ABLE.
NB…love God,love yourself,love your neighbors close and from afar…true love will never return to you void.